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At The Ellis Group, we are experts in the engineering, design, production and distribution of product packaging. We provide a beginning to end service – delivered with attention to detail and a personal touch – that has earned us an enviable reputation and loyal client base among many of North America’s largest brand-name companies.

With the expertise to help you meet your objectives, the Ellis Group provides innovative solutions to help carry your business forward.

From the origins of our company in 1946 through to the incorporation of Ellis Packaging in 1983, we’ve listened carefully to our clients to understand what drives their business. We have learned a lot about the challenges they face, from considerations in package engineering through to distribution issues. We recognized that to be truly different than our competitors, we needed to provide services that not only meet but actually anticipate and solve these challenges.

This realization led us to where we are today. Over the past 25 Years, The Ellis Group has gradually acquired companies who bring new specialties to the mix but whose overall operating philosophies and client approach complement our own. As a combined entity, we have an outstanding story. We possess state-of-the-art technology that few companies can match, the critical mass to offer the most competitive pricing possible, and the expertise to provide value-added services such as Vendor Managed Inventory and JIT distribution. We bring all of this, plus a unique ability to provide the kind of highly personalized service typically associated with smaller companies.

The result is The Ellis Group, working smarter to provide streamlined packaging solutions to help carry your business forward.

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